A Demon in the Shadows - Chapter 25 - Kuro_tamashi (2024)

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People talking, "I underestimated him!"

People thinking,"This is getting very hard."

Nonhuman talking,"It would be best to think of a better plan."

Nonhuman thinking,"It worked."

Jutsus / unknown names,"Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu."

Disclaimer:I do not own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does.

Chapter 24

Konohagakure no Sato - Moments before.


"Keep going, Naruto-kun! Harder!" Yugao shouted while riding his co*ck and Naruto pushed his hips at an equal speed; both were moving in perfect synchronization.

"Yugao-chan, I'm going to cum again," Naruto whispered as he gritted his teeth to hold it a bit longer.

"Yes! Fill me up!" Yugao shouted as played with her breasts and moved her hips even faster.

The Uzumaki placed both hands on her hips and gave her a final thrust as he released his seed inside.

Yugao arched back and released a powerful org*sm as well.

Just then, the room's door opened. "Yugao, I want to tell you... s-s-so-som-something," Hayate stuttered at the end because of the scene before his eyes.

Yugao had an org*smic expression on her face; one that he had never seen in their relationship, soaked in sweat and with sem*n leaking from her vagin*, and worst of all, a penis was still inside.

Hayate felt his whole body numb while an unpleasant feeling invaded him, almost as if all of his blood had gone up to his brain before going doing down and leave him cold, hard, frozen. He was unable to conceive what his eyes were seeing, unable to move a single muscle or joint the slightest phrase; he simply couldn't believe it.

Another issue was that Yugao didn't notice him yet; it seemed that she was still enjoying her recent org*sm.

Hayate felt his blood running through his veins again, but this time, rapidly, as if his blood were burning, burning with rage.

"What does this mean?" Hayate quietly asked, but the anger in his voice was palpable.

Yugao finally noticed his presence, and for that reason, her smile changed into an expression of concern. "H-Ha-Hayate, i-it's it's n-not what you think,” she stated before having the urge to hit her head for saying something so clumsy.

However, she pushed the thought away and quickly got up from the penis, and Naruto didn't know what to do. The truth was that he had been so concentrated in f*cking Yugao that he never noticed Hayate's presence.

"Na-N-Naruto?!" Hayate shouted, now able to see him. "What the hell did you do to Yugao?" Hayate asked, now unable to contain his anger.

He tried to walk towards Naruto, who was already putting his pants on; however, Yugao got in his way and stopped him. "W-Wait Hayate. Naruto-kun didn't do anything," she replied covered with a bed sheet.

Hayate stopped watching Naruto and looked at her with such an angry expression that Yugao had never seen in her life.

"Naruto…'kun'? What the hell is wrong with you, Yugao? You barely know him, and you are already calling him like that?" Hayate angrily asked; she had never called him like that, and it made him even angrier.

The Uzuki lowered her head, and just when she was about to answer and tell him that she was the assigned ANBU to contact Naruto, the Uzumaki spoke, "Hayate-san." He stood in front of Hayate.

He looked at Naruto, who continued, "Yugao-chan and I have known each other for a long time. I know you must be feeling terrible about what you just saw. Trust me; I would feel the same way if I saw any of my girls doing..."

Naruto couldn't finish because he felt a sharp blow on his face. Although he knew that Hayate was about to punch him, he decided not to dodge.

Naruto fell on the floor, and Hayate got on top of him to give him repeated blows to his face. "What could you know?! What the hell could you possibly know?" Hayate shouted as he continued hitting Naruto in his face.

The Uzumaki didn't flinch, he allowed Hayate to discharge his fury on him and not on Yugao, who was about to scream him to stop, but she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She turned her head and saw Naruto there. "Don't do it, Yugao-chan. The boss knows what he's doing. Let Hayate discharge his anger on him. The boss doesn't want to see you suffering," the clone whispered near her ear.

The Uzuki felt teary eyes and looked at the clone. "B-But he can kill him. Naruto-kun is just a Genin," Yugao whispered too.

The clone smiled and patted Yugao's shoulder. "Don't worry, Yugao-chan; this is nothing. Believe me; he received worst beatings in the past. Nothing bad will happen," the clone replied with a reassuring smile.

Yugao nodded before looking forward. She couldn't deny that the clone surprised her; she never saw Naruto doing the hand seals, she didn't even know that he could do the Shadow Clones Jutsu.

She looked at Hayate, who continued hitting Naruto's face. "What could you know?!" Hayate shouted again. "Four years! You took away four years of my life!"

Yugao couldn't help feeling sad, and the clone kept stroking her shoulder to give her more strength.

Hayate continued hitting, quite annoyed because Naruto didn't want to defend himself; he was just receiving his punches like a mere punching bag; that made him hit harder. He knew he was doing something stupid, attacking the Hokage's son in such a way.

He was sure that they would put him in prison or execute him after this, but he would make sure that both of them went to hell.

However, Hayate didn't have his ninja equipment; he had nothing with him. The Jutsus he knew were with his Katana, but he didn't have it with him right now.

"Defend yourself, dammit!" Hayate shouted without coughing; he didn't cough even once in all this time.

Naruto just looked at him, stained with blood due to his punches. Some of the blood was from Hayate, who had damaged his knuckles since Naruto's face was hard —it was like hitting a stone or a concrete wall— the rest was from Naruto.

When Yugao saw Naruto in that state, she couldn't take it anymore and pushed Hayate aside, which wrecked his heart.

"N-Naruto-kun, are you okay?" Yugao crouched as she put Naruto's head on her knees to examine his face. He looked bad but didn't show signs of pain.

"Yeah, I'm all right, Yugao-chan," Naruto replied as he stood up.

Hayate looked at them with anger, especially at Yugao. "Tell me why? Why the hell did you get involved with a brat like him? It's because he's the son of Hokage-sama?! Do you want to be famous? Is that why you had sex with this damn brat?! Did he promise you money and stuff that I can't give you?! Huh?! Huh?! You... You're a bitch!" Hayate yelled, unable of holding the pain in his heart.

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he stepped forward, gently pushing Yugao aside. She had lowered her head at Hayate's claims. "Okay, you're angry; I get that. However, I want you to watch your mouth in front of Yugao-chan. You can insult me and hit me all you want. But I won't let you insult her, did you hear me?" Naruto stood in front of Hayate.

He was about to hit Naruto again but couldn't because Yugao stood between them. "S-Stop, don't fight. L-Let's talk about this," she interrupted, trying to calm down the situation.

Hayate pushed her hand and spoke completely heartbroken, "Y-You know what? Okay, you can do what you want. If you want to indulge yourself like a f*cking whor* with a damn brat, all right, fine. But I don't want to see you ever again."

With that said Hayate turned around and left the room. He saw Naruto's clone near the door but didn't pay him attention.

He was destroyed, he felt betrayed; he felt as if someone had pierced his heart several times with a knife.

He just wanted to get away, think about anything except for what he had seen. He didn't want to think about those two, especially Yugao; he didn't want to know anything about her. And it was clear that he couldn't get her back; he could see the concern in her eyes when he was hitting Naruto.

Their relationship was already dead, and though he still loved Yugao, he couldn't forgive her; they best decision would be to ignore her and get away from her.

Hayate slammed the door, taking Yugao aback. "I wanted to avoid this," Yugao whispered.

Naruto hugged her, and she continued, "Maybe he's right. Maybe I'm a b..." She couldn't finish because Naruto kissed her.

Yugao returned the kiss while a single tear ran down her right cheek to her chin.

After a few seconds, they separated again. "Yugao-chan, please don't complete that sentence. Hayate is angry. Give him some time; I'll talk with him tomorrow; I'll try to fix this mess," Naruto stated very close to Yugao, who nodded.

She was surprised again because his face was almost healthy again; he only had a few marks on his face.

"Okay, if you promise not to fight with him," Yugao continued.

Naruto smiled and nodded before going to bed along with Yugao. The Uzumaki didn't care how Hayate felt right now, Hayate didn't know how to treat a woman like Yugao, and Naruto was more than willing to treat her properly.

Although he would be unable to see her after the invasion, the Jinchūriki would make sure to learn the Hiraishin and visit her when he could. He would also need to tell Yugao about his secret, but later.

Now he only had to worry about Hayate; he had promised Yugao not to fight. However, the Uzumaki would make things very clear; he didn't care if his words could destroy him even more.

There was no doubt that Naruto sounded like a bastard, stealing Hayate's girlfriend didn't even concern him in the slightest; he only cared about his happiness and of his girls.

They reached the bed and changed the sheets that were soaked with their fluids before taking a shower to go to sleep.

The next day - 10:00 am

Naruto and Yugao were still sleeping, quietly and peacefully, as if nothing bad had happened the night before. They couldn't sleep forever, however, and slowly woke up.

Yugao was the first one; she had her left leg over Naruto's and her head leaned on his chest. She raised her head and looked at Naruto's sleeping face. She smiled and slowly approached her head to his.

Once she was close, she kissed him softly. However, she quickly remembered everything that happened the night before.

First, she remembered the hours of sex and then the fight with Hayate. She instantly felt sad, and Naruto seemed to notice it because he suddenly opened his eyes to grab Yugao's hands and flip her to get over her.

The Uzumaki kissed her passionately while the Uzuki placed both hands on his cheeks. "Good... Day ... Yugao...chan," Naruto spoke between kisses as he lowered his hands to touch Yugao's crotch.

The ANBU quickly pushed Naruto aside, smiling at the expression on his face. "Ah, ah, ah, Naruto-kun. It's too early. Besides, we need to talk to Hayate," Yugao said as she got out of bed to go to her closet and change her sleepwear.

Naruto went to the edge of the bed to see Yugao changing her clothes. "Come on, Yugao-chan, don’t be a killjoy. At least a quickie."

Yugao smiled and shook her head as she put on another white dress. Luckily, she had a spare one since Naruto had destroyed the other one last night. "Sorry, Naruto-kun. But if we do it now, we'll end hours later." She finished dressing.

Naruto sighed in disappointment and got out of bed to get the rest of his clothes on, which were on the floor. "Okay. But we must do it again."

Yugao smiled and nodded. Of course, they would do it again, but not now, because they had to speak to Hayate, not because she still had feelings for him, but because she needed to explain what happened, and to apologize for ending their relationship in such a way.

They went to the kitchen, and Naruto offered to make breakfast; Yugao was more than pleased to accept.

She sat on the table and waited. A few minutes later, she heard that someone knocked on the door. "I'll go, Naruto-kun; I'll be right back," she spoke and walked to the door.

She opened it and could see two ANBU standing at the door; she knew them both. "Taicho, we need to talk," Inu said looking at Yugao, who could feel the seriousness in his words.

The Uzuki nodded and asked, "What happened, Inu?"

The male ANBU looked at his companion, and Inu spoke again, "I think it would be better if we talk about this inside."

Yugao answered, "Uh, there's no need; here is fine. I don't want you to enter because the house is a mess. Do we have a mission or something?" She didn't want them to enter; she still wanted to keep her relationship with Naruto as a secret. She didn't want to start a scandal in the village because of it.

This time, Saru spoke, "Taicho, it's about Hayate." The name took her aback, which the ANBU noticed.

"W-What about him?" she nervously asked, maybe he had told everyone about her relationship with Naruto, and maybe the Hokage didn't agree with this.

"Genma was with him last night. He said that both went to a bar and Hayate started drinking as if there were no tomorrow. He said that Hayate stated that love was sh*t and that kind of stuff," Inu replied while watching the reaction of Yugao, and again they could see that it took her aback.

"He probably drank too much," Yugao replied with a nervous smile.

Inu suspected and asked, "Taicho, where were you last night? What happened between Hayate and you?"

That surprised Yugao. "What do you mean? I spent the night sleeping in my house. About the other, I don't know what you're talking about," she replied and then everyone heard Naruto's voice shouting that breakfast was ready.

The ANBU recognized that voice, and both looked at Yugao strangely. Even though she couldn't see their faces, Yugao noticed it. "H-He is ... Uh ... W-Well ... Naruto-kun came to visit me," the Uzuki explained increasingly nervous.

The ANBU entered the house, pushing Yugao slightly to one side. She sighed in defeat; it seemed that it'd be impossible to hide her relationship with Naruto.

The ANBU reached the dining room and saw Naruto sitting at the table.

"Well, you already saw me. Can you leave now? Yugao-chan and I were just about to have breakfast. Come and bother us another day, if possible, never."

The ANBU came closer, and Inu spoke again. "I'm sorry, Naruto-sama. However, we just wanted to know who was with our Taicho. Something happened yesterday." When the ANBU said that, Yugao stood next to Naruto, which made them raise an eyebrow. However, they didn't care much.

"Is it about Hayate?" Yugao asked a little worried; something was giving her a bad feeling.

The ANBU looked at each other before giving the news. "Hayate was murdered."

Yugao's eyes widened in shock while Naruto carried his fingers to his chin as he thought who could have done it.

"M-Murdered?" Yugao asked, seeing them nodding.

"Who was it?" Naruto asked.

"We don't know. The murderer is a professional," Saru replied.

"I see," Naruto said before looking at Yugao, who was still quite shocked by the news.

The ANBU saw that Naruto stood up and hugged her as he whispered something.

"Now explain to us what happened here," Inu ordered.

Yugao was calmer, but she sighed and told them what took place when Hayate discovered them.

"I see; so do you not have anything to do with his murder?" Inu asked.

That annoyed Yugao, but she couldn't say anything because Naruto stepped forward. "Of course not. Yugao-chan and I were sleeping here all night. In fact, we were about to go and talk to Hayate, just when we finished breakfast."

Inu nodded. "Okay; we just wanted to be sure. However, Naruto-sama. Hokage-sama has requested your presence at the Hokage Tower. He says that he has a job that only you can do." With that said, both ANBU disappeared in puffs smoke.

"Yugao-chan, are you okay?" Naruto asked hugging her once again.

The Uzuki shed some tears as she looked at Naruto. "Y-Yes, and that's what makes me feel so bad. I thought I would feel sad to hear the news. But as much as I try, I can't."

Naruto hugged her and added, "It's okay, Yugao-chan, don't feel bad about it. Come on; let's eat. Let's think about anything but the news."

Yugao nodded and wiped the tears before sitting at the table to eat with his new boyfriend.

Hokage Tower - 30 minutes later

"I want you to find the murderer," Minato stated looking at Naruto.

The Jinchūriki had come here after breakfast, and he guessed what his father wanted.

"Can't a Yamanaka examine his mind? How about Ino-chan's dad?" Naruto asked.

Minato shook his head and answered, "We can't; it seems that the murderer took care of that."

Naruto nodded and asked, "Okay, where did they kill him?"

Minato snapped his fingers, and Inu appeared. "They will indicate you the place."

After that, Minato handed a scroll over to Naruto.

"It will be an A-rank mission. You have one week to find the one responsible," Minato stated.

Naruto chuckled as he kept the scroll. "It won't take me more than one day. But I want to go alone; I hate when people are watching me while I'm working, just indicate me the place."

Minato nodded, and the ANBU said the address. Naruto left the office and walked towards that location.

When he came out, Inu couldn't help asking, "Hokage-sama, don't you think this is too much for a Genin? You should let ANBU handle this."

Minato smiled and replied, "No, Naruto is special in these things. You yourselves have searched the area and said you found nothing. If Naruto said it wouldn't take him more than a day, then it's because he will."

The ANBU didn't understand why the Hokage was so confident; they thought it was because Naruto was his son, but they could feel there was another reason. However, they didn't ask more and disappeared in puffs of smoke.

The Hokage was about to leave and inform the other Shinobis about Hayate's death, but someone opened the door.

"Hokage-sama." His secretary entered the room.

"What is it, Megumi?" Minato asked, stopping in front of his desk.

She didn't answer; instead, Kotetsu, who also came in, did it. "Hokage-sama, some people have arrived. It's a delegation of a man named 'Kyōfu-sama'; they say that you must receive them immediately."

Minato's eyes narrowed. However, he nodded. Maybe he could get information from those people, finding that Kyōfu person was impossible.

"Okay, let them enter. We don't want them to be standing for too long, do we?" Minato asked before sitting at his desk again.

"Well, they didn't come on foot, Hokage-sama. They came in carriages without animals to pull them; they seem to be automatic carriages."

The Yondaime raised an eyebrow in confusion. However, he just told Kotetsu to let them enter.

Kotetsu nodded and disappeared to return to the main gate.

Meanwhile, Minato got up from his seat and looked through the window of his office, and what he saw approaching caught his attention.

Gates of Konoha - Minutes before.

Izumo and Kotetsu were in their stations seeing people coming in and out the village. A few minutes later, they heard unknown noises that approached from the main road.

They stood up and looked outside, seeing with surprise the source of those noises, carriages but without animals pulling them. They were rapidly approaching Konoha, much faster than any wagon they had seen.

There were six wagons, and they were different. The main one was black and had a long and rectangular shape; rubber wheels of black color at the edges and white at the center. The sides of each carriage had several little flags, which had a drawing of a skull that was firmly held by a black claw with sharp nails, which were drilling said skull.

The cars stopped at their stations, and Izumo and Kotetsu couldn't see anything because they were polarized.

The window of the main car opened slightly, and a hand with a white glove came out with a note.

Izumo took it and read it. Meanwhile, Kotetsu looked with amazement at these machines. A carriage without animals, wow, and he thought that he had seen everything.

Izumo finished reading and looked at Kotetsu as he handed the letter over to him. He read it, and his expression changed to a more serious one.

"Inform Hokage-sama," Izumo said, and Kotetsu nodded and disappeared.

Izumo looked back at the leading car and continued; "We'll soon tell you if Hokage-sama can meet ..." Izumo couldn't finish because the cars started their engines and headed to the Hokage Tower.

"Hey! Wait! You are still not allowed to enter!" Izumo shouted but cursed because they ignored him.

The other cars followed the principal one; three of these were as small as the first one, but they were oval in shape. The other two were much bigger and seemed to have a kind of tent instead of being made of metal.

Izumo shook his head, and when he was about to stop them, Kotetsu appeared again. "Hokage-sama gave them permission. But I can see that they went ahead," Kotetsu spoke as he looked at these strange machines advancing down the main street towards the Hokage Tower.

The people who were in the streets approached and followed these machines; it was something unusual, and it drew their attention.

"Do you know what those things are?" Izumo asked as he looked at Kotetsu, who shook his head.

"I don't know. But I could see that Hokage-sama got serious when I named that Kyōfu guy. According to rumors, they say that he is the richest person in the Elemental Nations, much richer than any Daimyō that we could think of. But I don't know if it's true."

Izumo looked at him and added, "Wow, to have more money than a Daimyo should be great." With that said, both returned to their stations.

Meanwhile, the cars arrived at the Hokage Tower; each one parked diagonally. The largest ones to the left and the smaller ones to the right.

The people approached even more, and they saw that several people came down from the carriages with 'tents'; at least twenty men.

They wore black jackets with white shirts underneath, black gloves, pants and sunglasses of the same color.

They grabbed two rolled up red carpets, and six people came down from the smaller cars, not from the main one.

They wore sleeveless brown jackets with white shirts and brown ties underneath; brown gloves and sunglasses; and brown pants.

The last people grabbed the carpets and placed them at the sides of the main car as they unrolled them to make way to the Hokage Tower.

The doors of the main car opened, and everyone saw two people coming out. A quite handsome man and a charming woman; the woman came out from the left side and the man from the right side.

"Bonnie, you will not get sick if you touch the ground of Konoha," said the man; this man was Daisuke.

Naruto had ordered him to come; well, Kyofu did it; he wanted him to deal some matters with the Hokage.

The just named person was a beautiful seventeen years old blonde white woman; her hair was short, her hips wide, and firm C-cup breasts. She wore a golden color uniform that showed much of her white bra; the dress ended in a short skirt; she wore erotic stockings, a golden flight attendant cap, and brown heels.

Bonnie looked at Daisuke before making a sneer. "I'll never touch the ground of this filthy village. I only came because Kyōfu-sama ordered it." She was looking with contempt at the villagers.

Almost everyone could hear her, so there were collective boos and curses. However, the woman ignored them and stood on the red carpet.

"My Lady. Try not to cause too many problems. Remember that Kyōfu-sama gave you this important mission. Try to do it with the utmost care," the driver stated.

He was a 45 years old white man with black hair; he wore an elegant black tuxedo.

"You're right, Alfred. I'm only doing this for Kyōfu-sama," Bonnie replied, and her driver smiled and rolled up the window.

"For Kyōfu-sama? Or perhaps for his 'penis-sama'? Hihihi," Daisuke laughed as he carried his fingers to hide his laugh.

Bonnie turned at him annoyed. "Shut up, you damn sissy. In case you haven't noticed it, I have much more chances. Kyōfu-sama likes meaty women like me, not sissies like you," Bonnie countered with an arrogant smirk.

However, she growled because Daisuke ignored her. She sighed and looked at the crowd, giving them a look of contempt, which caused the collective anger again. Although several of the men couldn't care less, they couldn't help ogling her.

"Come on, let's finish this so that we can get the hell out of this despicable place," Bonnie stated, and Daisuke nodded and followed her by the carpet.

Before leaving, she stopped and hit the car's window, which rolled down. "Alfred, watch my car. Don't let anyone of these bastards touch her. I don't want their filthy hands on her."

"Of course, my Lady," Alfred replied.

Bonnie nodded and walked to the Tower, Daisuke followed her, and the men followed them.

Minato, meanwhile, heard the people's booing; he didn't know why they did it, so he just waited until a man in a black jacket —who looked quite serious— opened his door. Immediately, other men dressed in brown jackets put a carpet in his office.

They stood firmly at the sides as they waited. That caught Minato's attention, and he heard the man at the door yelling, "Attention!"

The men who at the hall and inside the office stood firmly. "Present arms!"

Minato observed that everyone did a military hand salute. He believed that they were saluting him, but the Yondaime concluded he was wrong when a woman —who had a grumpy expression— entered the room.

Minato couldn't help looking her up and down, but he quickly shook his head; he couldn't have those perverted thoughts; the Hokage blamed his Sensei.

The woman told the men to rest, and everyone lowered their arms. "Very well, I'll be clear because I don't want to spend too much time in this filthy village," the woman started, and her chosen words annoyed Minato.

"Be careful with what you say, little girl. You're lucky that I allowed you to enter the village. So you should choose your next words carefully. I'm a busy man, and I won't allow that a brat disrespects my village," Minato stated.

The woman's face wrinkled with anger, and when he thought that she would say another discourtesy, he heard a giggle behind her. "Hihihi. Forgive her, Hokage-sama. Bonnie usually speaks without thinking about the consequences. She's just upset; I assure you that she is not talking seriously."

Minato looked in that direction and saw a man who matched the description that his Sensei had given him several months ago. Jiraiya was also in the room but camouflaged so that no one could see him.

"Are you Daisuke?" Minato asked.

Daisuke bowed slightly and placed his right hand on his chest. "You're right, Hokage-sama. I can see that Jiraiya-sama told you about our meeting of months ago. By the way, hello, Jiraiya-sama," Daisuke spoke while looking toward a corner, which slightly surprised both Konoha's Shinobis.

The Sannin became visible, which made Daisuke smile as he greeted him with his fingers.

"I can see that you weren't lying when you said you weren't a weakling. Well, what do you want?" Jiraiya sharply asked as he stood next to Minato, who nodded.

Daisuke looked with a straight face at Bonnie, who swallowed her anger and answered, "We are here on behalf of Kyōfu-sama to pass on information that may be of your interest."

Minato and Jiraiya raised an eyebrow in intrigue, and The Yondaime allowed her to continue. "We have one of the greatest and biggest spy networks in the Elemental Nations. We discovered that some villages are preparing an invasion to attack Konoha the day of the finals."

That called Minato's attention; he couldn't detect lies in her words but decided to ask, "Who are involved?" He had a guess; he just asked to be sure.

"We can't tell you that. Kyōfu-sama just wants you to be ready for the imminent invasion. You only need to know that it'll be a big one, and if you don't get ready, they could destroy your village," Bonnie replied

"What interest does that man have? I don't think he's giving this information away for free," Minato questioned.

Bonnie smiled and replied, "Kyōfu-sama has no interest in saving the people of this village. To make this clear, he doesn't care if innocent die. His only concern is his businesses and trades with this village. He can't allow the fruits of his efforts disappear just because some incompetent idiots couldn't repel an invasion," Bonnie replied, disrespecting Konoha again.

"Bonnie," Daisuke corrected, and she sighed with annoyance.

"Okay, that was all we had to say. You can do whatever you want with this information. If you want, you can do nothing, and they'll destroy your village, or you can accept Kyōfu-sama's advice. Regardless, we're already leaving." She turned around while the men saluted her as she left.

Minato tried to stop her but couldn't because the young blonde woman already left the room, and the men followed her after finishing their salute.

"Forgive her, Hokage-sama. Bonnie is just irritated. But of course, you should accept the warning of Kyōfu-sama so that nothing bad happens to Konoha."

They didn't say anything, just stared at him. "Oh, and by the way, Jiraiya-sama. I can see that you did not follow my advice. So disappointing; you are still wearing those clothes," Daisuke spoke as he dramatically carried his right hand to his forehead.

Jiraiya growled angrily, and Daisuke bowed before leaving.

After he had closed the door, Jiraiya asked, "What will you do? Do you trust them?"

Minato sighed and answered, "I have no choice but to rely on their word. Sandaime-sama and I had the conjecture that someone wanted to attack the village. I'm sure that Iwa might be involved and that Orochimaru is the one behind this. However, I'll only know it the day of the invasion. As for what I'll do..., nothing. We'll continue as if we had never heard this information. But at the same time, I'll secretly prepare the Shinobi. We'll make the invaders believe that we didn't know about their plans. However, when the day comes, we'll set an ambush, and we'll succeed. Besides, I'll have to put my Hiraishin's mark at every point of the village to have more coverage."

Minato stood up and continued, "We'll plan this with more detail once I make the ninja population aware of the invasion. Besides, I must tell them what happened to Hayate."

"You think it was Orochimaru?" Jiraiya asked.

Minato shook his head. "I don't think so, but Naruto is already looking for the criminal. I think he'll tell me once he goes home."

Jiraiya didn't argue; Minato had already commented about his tracking skills; the Sannin didn't believe it was strange.

Jiraiya left the office to do some 'research' while Minato went to report the death of Hayate to the Shinobi population.

At Hayate’s Murder Scene

After examining Hayate's body, the Jinchūriki noticed that he had several cuts all over his body. However, a bladed weapon didn't cause them; it had been something else: Fūton.

A Fūton user was responsible for his death; the Uzumaki easily concluded that because he knew these type of cuts; they were very different to those of a Katana or a Raiton Jutsu.

When he finished, the Uzumaki went to the scene of his death to collect more clues. The place was full of blood, but there weren't many clues that could indicate the possible perpetrators of this crime.

However, Naruto activated his Rinnegan while concentrating the Kyūbi's Chakra in his nose, increasing his perception of smell much more than any Inuzuka. In addition, his Rinnegan allowed him to see the Chakra flows better than any Hyūga; he could even see remnants of Chakra that people thought disappeared. How was that possible? Naruto didn't know; the Jinchūriki thought it was an attribute of his Doujutsu.

He saw the Chakra flows and realized that Hayate wasn't here when they killed him. He had a fight, and even in his drunken state, Hayate managed to move several meters.

The Uzumaki followed the trail; he had to go down from the roof of the building before arriving at a small wooden building.

There he could perceive a smell; it was small, but he recognized it. "Snakes," Naruto whispered as he sniffed the air; it was a nasty odor.

The Jinchūriki thought it could have been Orochimaru, but it was impossible. The Snake Sannin would have destroyed him in seconds if he had been here, but then again, who?

Naruto could remember a similar fragrance in the first part of the Chunin exam.

"Kabuto?" Naruto asked himself. "What the hell was he doing here?"

Naruto suddenly opened his eyes after remembering something. Of course! Kabuto had been a spy of Root!

"I'm a fool! How couldn't I remember that bastard was Danzō’s spy?" Naruto thought.

Even though he hadn't seen Kabuto during his staying in Root, Danzō told him he had an excellent spy besides him called Kabuto. Danzō never gave much information about him, but Naruto never thought it would be 'that' Kabuto.

However, everything fit; the false history about repeating the Chunin exams, especially the ninja info cards. However, Danzō told him that his spy was a medical ninja; therefore, he couldn't be the killer. Maybe he was talking to someone else, and since Kabuto have a snake essence, the Uzumaki concluded he was an Orochimaru's subordinate.

The Sannin was connected to the invasion; most likely, Kabuto was transmitting information to an ally. Nevertheless, who could it be?

He carefully examined the place until he found something suspicious on the ground. He knelt down and gathered it with his fingers. "Desert sand? Does that mean Gaara? No, too stupid to do something like this. Then..." He closed his eyes a little bit when finding the murderer. "Baki."

Now everything fit. Hayate, in his drunken state, stood where he shouldn't have been, and Baki decided to kill him to leave no witnesses.

Kabuto then did something to his brain so that no one could access into his mind, most likely. However, that was a problem; he didn't want his father to know which villages were behind the invasion.

Although the Uzumaki had noticed when his men arrived at the village, he had explicitly told Kohta to tell them not to say the villages behind the invasion; that information could most likely cause more problems than solutions.

They could just deny the charges and attack another day, and then Konoha would no longer be ready for the invasion.

After obtaining the results, Naruto took out a scroll from his ninja bag while writing the report. He would just blame Kabuto; the Jinchūriki would put the evidence proving his guilt. He was sure that Kabuto was already hidden in a burrow along with Orochimaru, and that he wouldn't come out from there until the invasion's day.

After finishing writing his report, Naruto sighed with boredom; this had been too easy.

However, he still had many pending appointments; he had to go to his apartment and catch up with his girls. The Uzumaki didn't tell them that he wouldn't return last night; they surely were worried.

After that, he had to tell Yugao about Hayate's murderer. Then he had to go to his father's house to train the Hiraishin. However, he wanted to do other things before going there, like visiting Ino.

Her 'stupid' father didn't allow her to go to the mall with him the other day. Naruto was furious but respected his decision.

Still, the Uzumaki wanted to talk her, and although he was able to hear her voice days ago, it was just because she yelled things to her father since she wanted to go.

Maybe he could make a night visit to his 'beautiful little blonde woman', who was surely sad for not being able to talk to him.

Naruto created a clone and handed the report to him; it said nothing about Baki, only about Kabuto. The clone left and walked towards his dad's office.

Naruto finally walked toward his apartment, noticing that someone started to follow him. The Uzumaki decided to ignore this person because he couldn't detect bad intentions.

However, Naruto had a limit; he hated when anyone spied on him, even if they didn't have bad intentions. When the Uzumaki thought that the person would just follow him, this person decided to move. "Hey, you!" someone behind Naruto shouted, a female voice and somewhat familiar.

The Uzumaki turned around and saw a 12 years old girl with long black hair, thin black eyebrows, and the characteristic eye of the Hyūga clan. Besides, she wore a black Shinobi style suit.

"What is it?" Naruto asked to the unknown Hyūga, who approached and stared at him with a severe expression.

"Are you Namikaze Naruto?" the girl asked.

Naruto smiled and nodded. "Indeed, Miss?" The Uzumaki looked down at her.

"Hanabi," the Hyūga replied with a straight face.

Naruto grabbed her right hand and kissed it gently. "Nice to meet you, Hanabi."

The girl quickly took her hand away, still with that serious face.

"Whatever, I'm here because my Oto, I mean, Hiashi-sama wants to have dinner with you at the Hyūga compound. He wishes to know when you are available," informed Hanabi to a smiling Naruto.

"Come on, come on. Why so serious?" Naruto asked smiling.

Hanabi growled in annoyance and answered, "That doesn't concern you. Now tell me, can you or can you not?"

"Wow, and I thought all the Hyūga women were shy and didn't have the courage to raise their voices. You seem to be different," Naruto replied, ignoring Hanabi's question.

She smiled and replied, "I can see that you know my stupid sister. Although everyone adores her in my clan, it's because she's engaged to your stupid brother," she paused after noticing her disrespect. "Uhm, uh, I didn't mean that."

She didn't want to piss Naruto off, not because he would do something to her, but because her father would punish her severely if he found out.

"Hahahaha, I like you a lot. You know what? Tell Mr. Seriousness that I'll go. But with one condition," Naruto paused with a bold smile.

The Hyūga let out a sigh of relief because the Uzumaki wasn't angry, but she raised an eyebrow while asking, "Okay, what's the condition?"

"It'll be a date. Tell that to your father," Naruto responded, making Hanabi's eyes open in shock.

"A-a d-date, why?" she asked.

"Daaah. Well, it's obvious, I like you very much, and I want to know a little more about you. You've changed my view regarding Hyūga women. Just for that, I want to learn more about this Hyūga girl who is so different from the ones I got to know," Naruto replied.

"Others? Whom more besides my sister have you met?" she asked.

Naruto smiled and replied, "That's a secret, Hanabi-chan; maybe I'll tell you someday. Oh, and by the way, have you heard from your cousin Neji?" Naruto asked.

He was going to accept no matter what because he would take the opportunity to remove the seal from Neji's head. However, after seeing Hanabi's attitude, he couldn't deny that he was interested.

The Hyūga had felt her cheeks warming when Naruto had spoken about the date; therefore, she shook her head. After that, she returned to her serious expression to answer his question. "Neji-niisan is... okay. He had a few words with the Hyūga Council for hitting my useless sister in such a way, but nothing more than that. Hahaha, but I'm glad Neji-niisan kicked the sh*t out of my stupid sister. I knew she wouldn't succeed in the exams. No one threatens you there to hit you if you defeat the 'future of the clan.'" She clenched her fists.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and asked, "Did Hiashi say that he would hit you if you defeated Hinata?"

Hanabi was taken aback; she had accidentally said something she shouldn't have said. Luckily, they weren't in a busy area, so no one had heard Naruto's deduction.

"Eh, I think it's time for me to leave." She tried to avoid that conversation.

Naruto sighed and stepped closer before placing a hand on her shoulder. "Okay, Hanabi-chan. I'll give you a piece of advice. Don't let a few hits prevent you from showing what you're worth. If you think you're capable of defeating Hinata, just do it. Beat her as many times as you need so that your father stops bothering you. However, if he still wants to hit you, well, you know what they say, 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.' So, get stronger to be able to kick your father's serious ass."

Hanabi frowned and abruptly pulled Naruto's hand away from her shoulder. "Don't tell me what to do. You're only one year older than me." With that said, she turned around to leave.

Naruto couldn't help smiling. Wow, he really liked his Hyūga girl.

Hanabi suddenly stopped and said without turning, "This Friday. Don't be late for our date." She turned around and added, "And it'll be in the mansion. I don't want to do those stupid things that couples do, like holding hands and such nonsense; we won't do anything more than that, did you hear me?"

Naruto smiled and nodded, so she turned around and walked toward the Hyūga compound, unable to contain the smile on her face and the blush on her cheeks.

"You will never get tired of it, don't you?" Kurama asked with a smile.

Naruto smiled back and answered, "I can't help it. That kind of women is my weakness. Anyway, today is Monday; there's still time for Friday. So I can do the other things I have pending."

With that said, the Uzumaki walked toward his apartment.

In a Hotel - Three Days Later - 7:30 a.m.

Naruto was waking up because something interrupted his sleep. He felt something warm and wet in his nether regions, but at the same time, a great sensation.

Naruto released soft moans of pleasure while opening his eyes. At first, he didn't recognize the place, but he guessed it was a motel.

The Uzumaki had a terrible headache, almost as if he had drunk a factory. He stopped thinking about it because the Jinchūriki felt someone under the blanket moving at high-speed, sucking and licking his co*ck as if there was no tomorrow.

He squeezed the sheets as he felt the person down there sucking his penis vigorously.

The Uzumaki brought his hands on the edge of the blanket, seeing with surprise the woman who was down there. "How did this happen?" He fell back after releasing his org*sm.

"N-Now I r-remember," Naruto continued as the person swallowed his seed with great dedication, unwilling to waste any drop.

He felt the person down there going up before standing in front of him, speaking with a smile that said she wanted more. "Good morning, Naruto-sama."

Naruto looked at the woman into her eyes as he squinted. "Good morning... Kurenai."


Don't worry; I'll explain what happened in the next chapter (lemon included). Anyway, don't be optimistic about Kurenai; something happened, and it isn’t something good.

Well, Hayate had his fit of rage, and Naruto allowed him to discharge his anger.

Regarding the cars in the fic, I thought a lot about them (they also appear in Koyuki’s movie). I don’t think I’ll add tanks or planes.

I'll put a link with the picture of Bonnie and the soldiers in my bio.

Bonnie is a Captain; that's the reason why the soldiers respect her.

There’s the conversation with Hanabi; these two finally got to know each other.

Until the next chapter.

A Demon in the Shadows - Chapter 25 - Kuro_tamashi (2024)


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