Jailyne Ojeda addresses dispute over her plastic surgery (2024)


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Jailyne Ojeda Has Had To Endure Some Harsh Criticisms. Especially When It Comes To Her Body. Many Criticize The Model For Getting Butt Implants And Lying About It. But Ojeda Rejects The Claim While Sharing A Revealing Tale Of A Failed Nose Job.


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Jailyne Ojeda's well-toned, voluptuous body has garnered both words of praise, and at times, harsh andunkind criticism. While most fans are smitten by the social media sensation's workout videos and steamy modeling pics, many hurl unsavory remarks at the young model for supposedly getting butt implants.

Although the famous TikTokerhas remained vocal about going under the knife for her rather disastrous nose job, she clearly deniedthe rumors of any plastic surgerydone to her body.

Over the years, Ojeda has weathered both the wrath of detractors and the painful aftermath of a face surgery, all of which we will be discussing in this article.

Jailyne Ojeda Receives Backlash for Plastic Surgeries

There is no denying that the Mexican beauty has one of the most coveted curvy bodies. The model credits her Latino genes, intense workout regimen, disciplined diet, and a waist trainer belt for thatwonderfully toned body.

She routinelyshares multiple workouts and diet videos with millions of followers onInstagram. Even her TikTok bio read, "I'm not plastic just have good genes.No bullying." But the audience refuses to believe the young model.

There are multiple threadson Reddit that dismiss the social media star's claims of workout and healthy diet. Someusers have even gone so far as to call her a shameless liar.

Even on Instagram, users have discredited Ojeda's physique. An Instagram page namedFalse_Beauty, which claims to distill all notions of fake oraltered bodies,shared a before and after comparison of the Latino model, calling out her workout routine and dietary claims as a mere hoax.

She had plastic surgery at such a young age. The sad thing is that she doesn’t admit it. She keeps telling that she works out, eats clean and uses a waist trainer. Who is she trying to fool?

In her defense, the self-proclaimed philanthropist and entrepreneurshared an Instagram post showingher journey from a teenager to an adult to stress that shehadalways looked maturein comparison to other girls of her age, especially because she began menstruatingat an early age of 10.

Not only that, she even accusedpeople of photoshopping her pictures to spread negativity. She reaffirmedthat the before plastic surgery and after surgerypictures were all fake.

While initially, it had beenhard for the fashionista to handle all the criticisms,she now claims to have braved it all.

A Failed Facial Surgery Led Jailyne Ojeda to Have Depressive Suicidal Thoughts

DidJailyne Ojeda Have plastic surgery? Yes, once. But she regrets having undergone that procedure to this day.

In one of her YouTube videos, she said that 2017 was the worst year of her life. That was when the Insta modelfaced the brunt of a failed nose jobrendering her depressed.

Addressing the issue in a 40-minute-long video, the influencer talked about how she frequently shed tears following the disastrous surgery. While she continued posting on her IG account post-surgery, it had been, as Ojeda claims, only a way of putting on a happy face for her legions of followers.

Recounting her experience from back then, the beauty icondecided to get hernose job done in Ukraine under the influence of other girls.The shady part was that the doctor didn't charge any fees for her surgery. Instead, she demanded a promotional shout-out on her social media.

The diva revealed that the surgeon and his assistant wanted to do the surgery as soon as she gave the shout-out without proper physical consultations. Moreover, they kept putting her back to sleep until the surgery was over. Post-surgery, the first thing she saw after she woke was a girl on the bed beside her covered with blood on the sheets. The horrifying part was she couldn't even tell if the girl was dead or alive.

Jailyne Ojeda Felt She Might Have Been Assaulted

After a moment, she felt a big bump on her cheeks and could barely speak. The doctor came drunk and popped the bump with his bare hands and again put her asleep. Upon waking up, she saw two holes on her leg, leaving a lifelong scar on her body. The YouTuber also revealed that she wasn't sure if she was assaulted by the doctor and got it checked as soon as she landed back home. Thankfully, that was not the case.

On top of that, the surgeon blocked Ojeda and uploaded the picture of her damaged face online without her consent. The Ukrainian doctor didn't only ruinher facebut also threatened to upload the pictures and videos taken during the surgery if she didn't give him a shout-out on social media. However, she was brave enough to take a stand for herself and didn't let the threats make her do what he wanted. She even called the doctor a monster.

The surgery was a disaster, as Ojeda couldn't even breathe, and the situation kept getting worse once she came back.She suffered from infections, hematoma, and abscesses—this traumatizing event led her to six months of depression.

By God's grace and from the support from her family (especially herbrother), she fought depression as time passed by, but she could not smile again as the doctor cut the nerve that controlled her upper lip. In an Instagram post, shealso opened up about still having facial paralysis.

In the same video, she also talked about how people misinterpreted her and started calling her plastic for her surgery.

Fortunately, a rhinoplasty surgeon Ashkan Ghavami helped her reshape the nose. However, as the Insta influencer stresses, the doctor didn't touch her body further,statingthat her body is all-natural and genetic. Dr. Ghavamishared a post on his Instagram, appreciating the young beauty for sharing the story bravely.

The Hispanic model revealed that losing her smile was the most traumatic incident in her life. For the girl who always had a bubbly personality and loved laughing, not being able to smile again was tough. Sharing her older pictures (before surgery) at the end of the intimate YouTube video, the social media model expressedregretting the decision to alterher face while longingfor her true, natural face.

Jailyne Ojeda addresses dispute over her plastic surgery (2024)


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