The truth about Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa - TheNetline (2024)

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa is an American social media star who is famous for her curvy body and remarkable derriere. The California native has racked up an impressive following of 14 million on Instagram, and 16 million on TikTok.

Ojeda’s modeling talent was clear to see from a young age. She was picked up by South West Modeling Agency and started to build her name as a model all around the US. Ochoa had a promising modeling career ahead of her, but she wanted more, and so she invested in growing her social media influence.

This piece will look at Jailyne’s tough childhood and her career.

Jailyne was bullied extensively by her peers because she matured faster and attracted the attention of boys

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Jailyne was born on 9th January 1998 in Indio, California, to Mexican parents. She had a happy childhood, but at the age of 10, everything changed. Puberty came earlier for Jailyne than it did in other girls and boys. She was bigger than everyone else, and it made her a target for bullies.

Things got worse for Jailyne in middle school. She planned to keep a low profile and hoped that no one would notice her. However, because of her body, everybody noticed her, including the teachers. On the first day, one of the teachers asked that Jailyne be left behind after class so they could discuss the attention she was getting.

The teacher asked Jailyne to wear loose clothing that covered up her body. While they were having that chat, a couple of Jailyne’s friends told her waiting father that Jailyne was late because she was making out with a boy. In his frustration, Jailyne’s father left her, not knowing that the girls were lying.

After Jailyne chatted with the teacher, she had to walk home because her father had left. Unfortunately, during her walk home, she was nearly raped. Despite this traumatizing experience, her peers continued to hate her. Jailyne explained in her first YouTube video:

“I would eat in the restroom? Why? Because every time I would eat in the cafeteria, I would get in a fight… Every day when I woke up to go to school, I would be like, ‘Why am I even alive?’ All I heard every day was, ‘Why are you still here?’ Every single day, that’s all I would hear from the girls. ‘Oh my God, you should just kill yourself already. No one likes you!’”

The girls hated Jailyne more because all the boys liked her. Jailyne was kind to them when they needed help, but they turned their backs on her in her time of need. It got so bad that at one point, some girls ganged up and assaulted Jailyne. That assault convinced Jailyne’s parents to move her from that school.

Ojeda grew her Instagram following by courting publicity in whichever way she could

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There is no such thing as bad publicity. Jailyne swore by this mantra as she strived to grow her social media following. People kept turning her photos into memes and sharing them, but Ojeda didn’t mind. Some of those memes caught the attention of celebrities, who helped popularize Jailyne. Ojeda’s big break came when she appeared in the Alfredo Olivas’ music video for the song Tus Lagrimas. She explained in an early April Q&A:

“Some memes were bad, some were good, but at the end of the day, all publicity is good publicity. I also took risks and messaged girls that were way bigger than me at that time. And I’d be like, ‘Let’s share. I know you have more followers than me, I need help. Or I could pay you for a shout out.’ Some were nice and they would charge me and they would post me. Other ones would just be rude.”

As time went by, Ojeda surpassed most of the girls she was previously requesting for shout outs.

Jailyne receives a lot of hate for various reasons including her big butt

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Jailyne’s biggest asset is her body, and despite being incredibly fit, she still gets hate. The most recurrent hate comment she gets is that she has a fake butt. Ojeda has stated on multiple occasions, and it’s even on her TikTok bio, that her butt is 100% natural, but people refuse to believe her.

It was initially tough for Jailyne to deal with the negativity, but she has now learnt to ignore the hate. “I just pretend they don’t exist, I don’t feed in to their hate,” she explained in her Q&A video. “I just ignore them, block, delete… If you don’t have a strong mentality, everything people say is going to get into your head, and you are going to give up so fast. If you have a weak mind, you are not ready for fame or social media…”

Per an early February 2022 post, Ojeda still receives online hate, but she doesn’t care. “I know my success gets people mad and that’s why they attack me,” she wrote. Ojeda expressed pride in herself for creating her brand without outside funding.

Jailyne also joked that she plans to open an OnlyFans account because many people believe she has one. Ojeda completed her caption by summarizing her achievements thus far:

“Yes I’m sexy but I have to be. I’m a model and I have a nice body! I retired my dad, I take care of my fam, I got my dad his dream truck and I’m about get my mom her dream car. I run several businesses and who ever ends up with me is gonna feel like they won the lottery.”

She claims that she would never go nude for a charitable cause

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Instagram models have varying opinions on where they draw the line when it comes to nudity. Nudity became a topic of discussion in January 2020 after Los Angeles influencer Kaylen Ward raised thousands of dollars for Australian bushfire relief by offering nude photos for donations.

X17 Online caught up with Jailyne and asked her whether she would consider gong nude for a charitable cause. “I feel like she is doing it for a really good cause and it’s really smart of her. I just personally wouldn’t do it,” Ojeda told the outlet. “I would help by sharing their nudes but I wouldn’t do it myself.”

The truth about Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa - TheNetline (2024)


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