Who Is Jailyne Ojeda? Her Plastic Surgery, Depression, Boyfriend, and More (2024)

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Jailyne Ojeda is a 25 years old social media influencer, model, & entrepreneur, who is originally a Mexican-American. As a social media influncer, she has amassed over 14.2 million followers on her Instagram and +17 million followers on her TikTok account as of 2023. Furthermore, the social media star has racked up considerable followers on her self-titled YouTube channel as well.

Needless to say, behind everyone’s success story, there is a set of hardships one has to deal with. And the case is similar to Jailyne who is a true survivor going through several horrific personal ordeals including her botched nose surgery, depression, and early puberty. But, the California native overcame it all and is now a sheer inspiration to many other emerging stars.

So, here is everything you need to know about Jailyne Ojeda including her dating life, modeling career, and more… Let’s take a look!

What is Her Age? Her Birth Details

Jailyne, fully, Jailyne Ojeda Ochoais aged 25 as of 2023. She was born on 9th January, 1990, in Indio, California. The social media heartthrob commemorated her 24th birthday on 9th January 2022. On this occasion, Jailyne posted a couple of photos of herself on her Instagram with the caption,

“Your girl turns 24 today”

Besides, her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Who are Jailyne Ojeda’s Parents? Her Ethnic Background

Jailyne is the daughter of Dulce Ochoa, a Los Mochis, Sinaloa native. Although the name of her father is yet to be revealed, Jailyne and her mother Dulce have posted numerous photos of him on their Facebook account. Back in June 2016, Ojeda paid a sweet tribute to her father, sharing an adorable picture of themselves in the honor of Father’s Day.

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Besides, both of her parents are Mexican. They are married since Feb 1997.

For her ethnicity, Jailyne is a Mexican-American and belongs to American nationality.

Grew Up With Her Two Siblings

Jailyne Ojeda spent most part of her early life in Indio, California with her two siblings; a younger sister Alexia Merari and a younger brother Johnny.

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All of them are super close to each other. Especially the Ochoa sisters love too much their younger brother Johnny.

Jailyne School and College

The Indio, California native was an elite student at school. When Jailyne was in third grade, the then-school girl was featured in the newspaper after her participation in MAC-Ro, the Match-Achievement Club by Rodel. Developed by the Rodel Foundation of Arizona, the project has significantly raised the match achievement of first through fifth-graders in high-need communities.

In August 2013, Ojeda posted a photo of an old newspaper that featured her own image too on her Insta. Her caption read,

“When I came out in the newspaper in third grade because I got the highest aims scores.”

Additionally, Jailyn who has always been interested in acting and modeling went to the Barbizon Modelling and Acting School. She also studied at Phoenix College.

Jailyne Ojeda Faced Bullying at School Due to Her Early Puberty

Ojeda spent her first ten-year of childhood comfortably but things started becoming harder for her when Jailyne went through puberty at the pre-teen age of 10. She was tall in height as well as bigger in body shape than her peers. Because of that, Ojeda was bullied by several of her school friends, especially the girls made her a target for bullies.

However, things became more challenging for her in middle school. Even though Jailyne had tried to keep her low at school, everyone stared at her – even school’s teachers noticed her badly because of her body.

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One day at the school, one of her class teachers suggested Jailyne wear loose clothing items to cover her body up. When they were having a talk about the attention Ojeda got, her Mexican father was just waiting outside the school to take his daughter. But, at the same time, a couple of Jailyne’s friends manipulated her dad, saying him that his daughter was making out with a boy at school. The then-frustrated-father left his daughter and promptly went home.

As a result, Jailyne had to walk home. While on the way, some boys even tried to rape her but fortunately, nothing bad could happen. She explained her bad experience at the school in her first YouTube video,

“I would eat in the restroom? Why? Because every time I would eat in the cafeteria, I would get in a fight… Every day when I woke up to go to school, I would be like, ‘Why am I even alive?’ All I heard every day was, ‘Why are you still here?’ Every single day, that’s all I would hear from the girls. ‘Oh my God, you should just kill yourself already. No one likes you!”

Most of Jailyne’s haters were girls because all boys liked her at the school. After Jailyne started facing lots of criticisms from girls, her parents eventually shifted her from that school.

Her Own Meme Helped Her to Gain Initial Publicity

The social media icon once became viral on the internet after Jailyne’s photos turned into memes. But, Jailyne said there is no such bad publicity. She explained in one of her YouTube videos titled “HOUSE TOUR and Q&A.

“Some memes were bad, some were good, but at the end of the day, all publicity is good publicity. I also took risks and messaged girls that were way bigger than me at that time. And I’d be like, ‘Let’s share. I know you have more followers than me, I need help. Or I could pay you for a shout out.’ Some were nice and they would charge me and they would post me. Other ones would just be rude.”

As soon as Jailyne started becoming part of memes on the internet, the model also caught the attention of several popular celebrities. She rose to fame after her appearance in the Mexican singer-songwriter Alfredo Olivas‘ music video for the song Tus Lagrimas.

Is Jailyne Big Butt Are Real or Fake?

Over the past few years, Ojeda has obtained huge backlash because most people believe that her big butt is not real. Although the 25-year-old girl said multiple times that her butt is cent percent natural, people have yet to believe her.

It was initially hard for her to deal with such fake criticisms and negativities, but as of the present, Jailyne doesn’t care about it. She said in the abovementioned video,

“I just ignore them, block, delete… If you don’t have a strong mentality, everything people say is going to get into your head, and you are going to give up so fast. If you have a weak mind, you are not ready for fame or social media…”

Professional Career: Details on Her Modeling Endeavors

As per some online tabloids, Ojeda, before starting her modeling career professionally worked as a promoter for various night bars and lounges nestled around in Arizona. She now represents the South West Modeling agency. She has also reportedly signed a contract with Empire Talent and Management.

Moreover, Ojeda serves as a brand ambassador for the Fashion Nova company.

Jailyne Ojeda is a Instagram Star

Aside from her budding modeling career, Ojeda is more popular on social media handles, especially on Instagram. The California girl has amassed mega followers of 13.8 million on her Instagram as of 2022. Predominantly, Jailyne is famous on her Insta for posting her scantily clad photos that mostly represent her own clothing line and other clothing brands.

Similarly, Jailyne is also an active TikToker who has 16.4m followers on her personal TikTok account.

Runs Her YouTube Channel

Talking more about her burgeoning social media career, Ojeda also has a self-titled YouTube channel. The channel which opened in April 2015 has now +247k subscribers in 2022. The first video Jailyne posted on her channel was, “I FINALLY OPENED UP.” And her most viewed YouTube video is, “Bikini Hula competition Jailyne Ojeda VS Deyna,” which has amassed over 5.3 million views so far.

Jailyne Ojeda Clothing Line

Aside from her works mentioned above, Ojeda also runs her own clothing line under the name Snatched by Jailyne. She now serves as the CEO of the clothing brand that features clothes for women of all shapes and sizes.Ojeda has also created its own Instagram account which has over 327k followers as of 2022. Most of the items the clothing line features are bikinis, jumpsuits, legging sets, and more.

Additionally, the social media star has another Instagram account called Jailyne clothing line with 44.8k followers.

Jailyne Ojeda Botched Nose Surgery Led Her to Depression

The year 2017 was the worst year for Jailyne. She was in depression and the reason behind her depression was her face was so messed up in the year. She never let her fans know about her problem, posting old pictures to hide her facial issue.

It all started when Jailyne went to Ukraine with her friend to do her nose surgery. There, they met a doctor who hardly speaks English.

On 12th January 2017, the doctor did her nose surgery. And the Instagrammer came back to the United States on 22nd January. Soon after Jailyne came back to her nation, the model started facing lots of serious facial defects. She then tried to contact her doctor but the doc didn’t respond well. Instead, the surgeon who looked not much professional eventually blocked her.

On 14th Feb of the year, another hematoma randomly grew on her face. Soon enough, her entire face was swollen. It was the most traumatizing phase of her life Jailyne has ever gone through.

Later on, her facial problems even led her to depression. She spent about six months in her room being depressed.

But, Ojeda was eventually able to come out of depression only because of her little brother, Jhonny, and her whole family’s support.

She told in one of her videos titled, “This is why I can’t smile!

“I released like if I would have killed myself, I would have caused more damage to my family.”

She further said,

“I was hurting my family more than I was hurting myself committing suicide would have been the most selfish thing to do.”

Later on, the social media star started reading books. Gradually, the swelling started to go down and the red inside her eyes also started to go away.

In addition, there are also lots of rumors about Jailyne Ojeda’s plastic surgery. But, the model denied all the rumors and stated that she never did any plastic surgery on her body.

Ojeda Once Couldn’t Smile Properly

When Jailyne had a nose operation in Ukraine, the doctor cut the inside of her nerves that control her upper lip. That’s the reason why Jailyne couldn’t smile at some points.

After some time, Ojeda visited the dermatologist Dr. Hazani who later found out that the Instagram star did have filler and they cut it and squeezed it out. Luckily, now her lip is normal again.

Is Jailyne Ojeda Dating a Boyfriend? Her Relationship Details

Jailyne has been in a highly-secretive relationship with her unidentified boyfriend for years. She explained her love life on her YouTube video called “Relationship status: Single or Taken?” Uploaded on 11th May 2021, the YouTuber said that she met her beau five years ago. She further explained that they were friends for years before their courtship blossomed into terrific romance.

In 2021, she went to Honduras with her little brother Jhonny. She donated food to more than 300 families that were affected by the hurricane. Then, they went to El Salvador, where they also donated food and toys to over 300 families. Jailyne said in the video that the only reason she helped them out is that her unknown boyfriend was with her at the time.

Meanwhile, she said that the two have had their fair shares of ups and downs but they kept supporting each other throughout their journey,

“I’ve been knowing him five years and during these five years he’s always supported me he’s always been there for me during my ups and downs.”

She further added the best part is that her boyfriend, “isn’t embarrassed to show much he loves me.”

Ojeda continued that her partner, “likes me for me, not for my body, not for my looks.”

Moreover, the social media star also said that her boyfriend left lots of girls to be her bae,

“He’s proven to me that he doesn’t care about my body or my looks because so many girls with nicer bodies and prettier are after him and he choose me out of these women.”

Besides, back in June 2021, Jailyne appeared in Lucas and Marcus‘ YouTube video called, ” I Asked To Be My Girlfriend.” In the video, Marcus Dobre, Luca’s win brother said that he has a huge crush on Jailyne.

Although Marcus initially felt nervous to ask her, he eventually asked Jailyne if she would be his girlfriend. But, she told him that she has already a boyfriend.

Ojeda Makes Her Relationship Official?

Although the social media star has remained hush-hush about her love life lately, it looks like she found someone now. She is reportedly dating Jesus Ortiz, a famed musician in the Latino community.

In Feb 2022, Jailyne Ojeda’s rumored boyfriend even posted a video of themselves, where Jesus is singing a song and playing the guitar.

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Jailyne Ojeda Net Worth In 2023

Needless to mention, Ojeda has definitely earned quite a good amount of money from her multiple works. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is $1.5 million. She can command thousands of dollars from her one promotional Instagram post.

Similarly, her YouTube channel also helps her a lot to rack a good amount of money.

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Jailyne Body Measurement

  • The Instagram star has a height of 5 ft 5 in (1.65m).
  • Her weight is 58 kg.
  • Jailyne Has a black hair color.
  • Her eyes color is dark brown.
  • Her body measurement is 34-33-46 in.
Who Is Jailyne Ojeda? Her Plastic Surgery, Depression, Boyfriend, and More (2024)


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